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socal noise + related extremities

it's lurking...

socal extreme + experimental musixxxx
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this community focuses on extreme and experimental musix / performances / culture in Southern California, from LA to San Diego and the stuff in between, Orange County and the Inland Empire. The main idea is the spread of culture that is commonly unknown, ignored, or rejected by mainstream society.

Promote all yr related ish here! RELATED means stuff that is mainly experimental or extreme in nature. or just totally wacky, like burlesque performances involving stabbing needles through your arms or freakish film screenings. all abnormal culture is welcome! here are some examples...

no: trance, house, jungle raves
yes: hard/speed/breakcore parties

no: death metal, hardcore bands
yes: grindcore rockfuck bands

no: ebm, darkwave clubs
yes: gritty, noisy industrial

no: untrained humans playing pop-punk
yes: trained monkeys playing circus music

get it? it's all good, but there are other communities that deal with the other stuff. so go there if you're promoting or looking for that kinda stuff! be an experimentalist and try going somewhere you've never been and seeing a performance you've never heard of, break from your standard taken-for-granted routine and see how it gives you valuable experience.

post whatever you feel relates in some way, like if you write reviews of musix or somethin, make art, whatever. you don't have to be a resident of southern cali to process or transfer information... only to promote shows. IF IT'S NOT HAPPENING IN S.CALI DON'T POST IT.

(community origination ::: 031116[ymd])
"sophisticated" noise, a clockwork orange, abnormal people, addict records, agoraphobic nosebleed, amoeba records, amps for christ, ant-zen, anti mainstream society, anxiety films, aphex twin, apocalipstick, art films, artistic aggression, asymmetric, asymmetrical head, atari teenage riot, babyland, baseck, bastard noise, beat destruxion, braindance, breakcore, broken electronix, burlesque, cannibal flower, che cafe, circus/horror punk, claremont, cock rock disco, costumes and crazy appearances, creative entities, cult films, culture fiends, dance disaster movement, dark ravers, darkmatter, das bunker, deathbomb arc, deathchant records, diamanda galas, digging thru people's trash, discordance axis, dissecting table, diy attitudes, dj edgey, donnie darko, doormouse, download, drill n bass, duran duran duran, ear damage, einstürzende neubauten, entropy, experimental drum n bass, experimental electronics, experimental movies, fantomas, freaks, gabber, gang wizard, ganglia, ghetto raves, glitch hop, glitchy madness, gorefest films, goulburn poultry fanciers society, graffiti art, grindcore, hardcore noise, holy molar, homemade labels, horror films, i am spoonbender, industrial, infinite complexity, infinite sector, john wiese, kid606, koo's art center, laibach, local non-trend artists, long beach, los angeles, loud arcades, man bites dog, mash up soundsystem, massimo (italian minimalist), mathematical patterns, melt banana, metaphorically destroying pseudoindie elitists, mindless self indulgence, minimal, moth drakula, music sans beats+melodies, musicians, naked city, net.art, neurotic behavior, noise noise noise, noise punks, noise videos, old school video games, open-minded peeps, orange county, parties, passenger of shit, people who do shit, pi, pomona, prefuse 73, raging insanity, rainbow blanket, red and black, rephlex records, rivetheads, rockfuck, san diego, sci-fi movies, screwing up pop culture, self-released music, skinny puppy, sonic death rabbit, sonic youth, sound massacre, southern california, spasming, speaker death, speedcore, static on the radio, subarachnoid space, subcultural events, subterranean culture, system corrupt, technical beats, terminal 11, the haters, the inland empire, the interested, the locust, the phantom limbs, the residents, the smell, tigerbeat records, tv snow, uncommon skepticism, venetian snares, wacked out visuals, weirdos, xbxrx